Hospice Services

Through a team of physicians, nurses, social workers, spiritual counselors, nursing assistants, volunteers, and other healthcare professionals, hospice provides:

  • Physician consultations
  • Regular visits by nurses who provide pain management, symptom control, and education
  • Emotional and Spiritual support
  • Personal care assistance
  • Medications and medical equipment related to the terminal illness
  • Routine care in the comfort of home, nursing home, assisted living, or wherever the patient calls home
  • Inpatient care in an advanced medical setting, as needed
  • Respite care and bereavement support to comfort the family


The Hospice Team:
Hospice offers an Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) that includes physicians, nurses, social workers, therapists, clergy, home health aides, volunteers and other health professionals trained to support you and the care that is delivered. Your physician maintains a leading role on the team and in your care. You may need help from all team members or only a few. The patient and family are also an important part of the team and we need your help, comments, suggestions and support.

Physician Services
Our medical director will oversee your care and you may retain your primary care physician to collaborate with the hospice medical director. Your relationship with your doctor does not change.

Nursing Services:
Nursing care is provided on an intermittent basis. These services may include: pain management, assessment, teaching, supervisory activities, evaluation of disease progressions, suggestions on nutrition, psychosocial, emotional support, bereavement assessment, and working with volunteers. Your primary nurse will coordinate visits with you.

Social Work
The social worker will visit and will help with Advanced Directives, community resources, emotional support, bereavement counsel and other family needs. The social worker is available to visit in the home or on the phone.

Spiritual Support
The hospice chaplain will offer spiritual support in keeping with the patient/family wishes. The chaplain is available to visit at your place of residence or on the phone.

Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapy:
Other contracted professionals may be called in from time to time to help with the care of the patient. The Interdisciplinary Team will review needs for the services and adjust services as necessary. A registered therapist is available to visit in the home to provide evaluation, consultation, and teaching.

A registered dietician is available for patient counseling, teaching, evaluation and home visits. The dietician is also available for phone visits and participates in team decisions.

A pharmacist is available to consult with patients and participate in team decisions.

Volunteers are available to help support patients/family needs by providing practical support such as visiting/listening, running errands, and shopping. Volunteers do not provide hands on care.

Home Health Aide/Homemaker:
Home health aides can provide intermittent care under the direction of a registered nurse. Service includes assistance with the activities of daily living such as bathing, hair and mouth care, light housekeeping in the patient area and linen changes. Aide services are based on need and outlined in the plan of care. The aide is not a sitter to stay around the clock. Your nurse can discuss such needs with you.

24 Hour Services:
Hospice staff is available 24 hours a day seven days a week. A nurse will always be on call and can access other team members as necessary. Call anytime you feel a need.

Hospice provides medications and medical supplies related to the terminal illness for palliation and symptom control. Medications are available 24 hours a day from contract pharmacies. Hospice palliative protocol does not normally include chemotherapy, radiation, or certain other aggressive treatments/medications.

Medical Equipment:
Hospice will provide medical equipment necessary to maintain the patient safely and comfortably in a home setting. Medical equipment is normally provided through a contract vendor.

Bereavement Services:
Designated caregivers will be followed by hospice for a period of thirteen months after the death of their loved one. Bereavement includes: opportunities to discuss feelings/fears about loss, access community services as needed and family support.

Coordination of Services:
Hospice will coordinate with other providers both in the home and the nursing facility to assure all efforts are coordinated and support the objectives outlined in your plan of care.

Interdisciplinary Plan of Care:
Hospice team members meet at least every 15 (fifteen) days to review your plan of care (POC) and make changes as needed. The POC is designed to meet your specific needs. You will be a part of decisions made about the plan of care.

Patient and Caregiver Services:
Care will be focused on your needs and wishes. A wide range of services is available to enhance your quality of life and to control such symptoms as pain and anxiety. We expect you and your caregivers to take part in meeting your care needs. You have the right to refuse any treatment or service offered and we will support you in your choices.

Hospice services have been designed to be delivered in situations where there is a caregiver available in the home on a continuous basis to make sure patient needs and safety are met. Hospice helps caregivers take the very best care of the patient. If you do not currently have a caregiver, options will be discussed. In an emergency, such as an ice storm, hospice staff may not be able to get to your home to provide care. In such situations qualified family members may step in and provide necessary services such as personal care as outlined in the plan of care and documented in the patient chart.

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